St. Peter’s is a parish of the Anglican (Episcopal) Diocese of British Columbia, founded in 1856, and including “Vancouver Island and the Islands adjacent.” This Diocese is part of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia, which has six Dioceses; in turn, there are four provinces with make up the Anglican Church of Canada. As members of the Anglican Communion in Canada, we strive to live our faith according to the doctrine and teaching of the Anglican Church.

We believe that our walk of faith is approached through Scripture, Tradition, and Reason, and that all matters of faith are lived out with the full intention of enriching the lives of those in the parish and wider community under God’s grace.

It is because of this, we strive to live our faith proclaimed in our Christian baptism, one which embraces the dignity of all persons and allows each person to grow spiritually in his or her own way and as God would have them.