Baptism is offered to people of all ages who have not before been baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity. In the case of infants, its is expected that the families and sponsors (or 'god-parents') bringing them for baptism are baptized themselves and have a regular discipline of worship. Sponsors may be of another denomination, and can be 'stood in for' if they live at a distance and cannot be there.

Preparation is provided, and expected. Except for special reason, baptisms take place at one of the main Sunday Celebrations, usually on a Sunday which is a festival of the Lord, such as Easter, Pentecost, the Baptism of the Lord, etc. If candidates live elsewhere, they will be expected to seek preparation in their home parish.

A lit candle is given to the person being baptized. This is a simple, but effective, reminder that we are to follow the light of Christ in the life we live.


A wedding at St. Peter’s is a celebration where God’s gift of marriage and God’s blessing is proclaimed. A wedding is a time for much thought and preparation to assure that the day goes as planned and that your life together after the big day continues to be blessed with love, care and happiness.

In Anglican tradition, the Sacrament of Marriage is a worship service and the focus is on God and the gifts given by God. You can personalize the service to reflect your personality by the selection of music, the readings and congregational hymns.  All couples will meet several times with the officiating priest prior to the wedding to attend a marriage preparation course and to attend to details of the marriage service.

Our Parish Administrator, (250-286-1613), will help you with details attached to your ceremony including the preparation and printing of the Order of Service.


When someone dies it is recommended that the rector be informed first. His assistance with arrangements with the funeral home can be invaluable. There are many rites at the time of death – prayers; the funeral liturgy and the committal of the body or cremated remains.

In cases when there will be no funeral, but a memorial service instead, there will also be a ‘committal’ which corresponds to the traditional graveside service. This can take place at the bedside, hospital, church or funeral home.

At the time of death, our Clergy and staff are available to provide care and support to the family as they move through grief and the funeral process.

St. Peter’s parish encourages you to leave all your suggested funeral arrangements on file with the rector, with copies supplied to immediate relatives. A special form and informative guidelines are available from the parish office.

For more information or to make inquiries about any of our service, please contact the Parish Administrator at 250-256-1613.

“In this parish, the sacraments (baptism, communion, marriage for example) of the church are available to all duly authorized people.”