Parish Council

Parish Council is responsible for assisting the Rector and Wardens to conduct Parish affairs so that the Parish will be able to carry out its mission as a Christian Community. The duties of the Council include ensuring that the property is cared for, assuring that the parish records and financial affairs are kept in proper order, planning special events and welcoming newcomers and visitors.

Your Parish Council Members for 2018 are:

  • Andrea Charlton
  • Barb Henshall, Synod Delegate
  • Bill Ritchie, People's Warden 
  • Cathy Beise, Deputy Warden, Council Member and Synod Delegate
  • Charity Perrault, Council Member
  • Connie Burns, Council Member
  • Greg Goldstone, Council Member
  • Holly Finn, Co-treasurer
  • Jane Jennings, Council Member
  • Jill Cook, Co-treasurer
  • Pauline Woods, Rector's Warden
  • Trina Soltys, Communications

The members of the Transition Team, formerly the Selection Committee, will continue in their positions for one year. The Team members are: Judy Antonelli, Cathy Beise, Greg Goldstone, Diana Hicks, Jane Jennings, Rick Monchak, Bill Ritchie and Pauline Woods.

Our church wardens act as the executive officers of Parish Council and are ex-officio members of the Council. The Wardens use their best efforts to carry out the lawful resolutions of the Council. With the approval of the Council, the Wardens may delegate matters relating to the congregation to the council, to committees or to individuals. For a more in-depth look at Parish Council characteristics and expectations, a copy of the Parish Council Guidelines 2017 is attached as a PDF.

Parish Council meets monthly and parishioners are always welcome to attend meetings to observe, contribute to discussion or to raise any particular concerns.