St. Peter Anglican Church continues to develop and support outreach ministries with the help of our congregation and dedicated volunteers. Current outreach programs include:

Ha-ma-ay-las Community Kitchen

In participation with Hamaaylas Society (formerly GrassRootsKindHearts), St. Peter Anglican Church is one of the providers of home cooked meals for “Elders, family and friends” living on the streets of Campbell River. On the third Tuesday of each month, our Parish prepares a meal to serve approximately 65 people. If you would like to more about this program, please visit their website at:

If you would like to help prepare a menu item for this Outreach Program, please sign up on the list at St. Peter, leave your name at the office at 250-286-1613 or contact Diana at

Second Chance Recovery

Second Chance Recovery in Campbell River "provides fresh starts for men conquering addictions". ( St. Peter Anglican Church has always been a strong supporter of this organization and provide wonderful quilts, handsewn by parish members, as gifts to the men going through some of the toughest times of their lives. The men come with nothing and a quilt is often their first personal possession in a long time. To date the church has provided 35 quilts.