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WELCOME TO ST. PETER’S VIRTUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL!   While we cannot meet together on Sunday morning, we can still meet virtually to learn about Jesus by reading the Bible, talking about what we’ve read and doing some activities. Get together with your family and do these lessons when it works for you or phone your friend or Grandma who you can’t get together with to talk about these lessons. Have fun! 

Lent 1 – Temptation of Jesus

Let’s begin with the reading from Lent 1, Temptation of Jesus, just to think about what Jesus did after his Baptism and before he started his ministry. He went into the wilderness. And he went for 40 days! While he was there, who should come along but the devil, who tried to tempt Jesus, not just once, but three times!  

Look at the pictures and read the first two documents I have attached.  

So think about Jesus being led into the wilderness and what we are being asked to do now by social distancing or physically distancing ourselves from anyone other than our family. Does it feel a bit like a wilderness? Talk about how it with your family.

While Jesus was there he was tempted by the devil three times. The devil has no boundaries and wouldn’t understand social or physical distancing! How did Jesus answer the devil each time the devil tried to tempt him?  

When Jesus was tempted by the devil he thought about what he had learned from what Moses said the Bible; and about who he knew was in charge. Jesus remembered the rules God gave the Israelites. When you are tempted ask, “What would Jesus do?” (WWJD)  

While Jesus was in the wilderness I am sure he used the time to do a lot of thinking about what he would do when he began his ministry of teaching people about God, his Father. For us we can use this time to learn new things too. Have fun with your family during this time.  

Lent 5 – Expensive Perfume on Sandy Feet Lent is a time when we remember Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins. In Bible times, oil was poured or rubbed on people to show they were chosen by God for a special purpose. Pouring or rubbing oil on someone is called anointing. (Were you anointed when you were baptised?)  

In Jesus time, people wore sandals and walked almost everywhere they went. What would people’s feet be like when  they arrived at someone’s home? If you said dirty feet, you’re right! It was good manners to give guests water to wash their feet or to wash visitors’ feet for them. Sometimes people would rub a guest’s feet with oil or perfume to make them smell sweet.  

Look at the pictures and read the two attached documents Lent 5 - 1 and 2. 

  1. What type of perfume did Mary pour on Jesus’ feet?
  2. Why do you think Mary used expensive perfume?
  3. What did Judas want Mary to do instead?
  4. How did Jesus feel about what Mary did?
  5. If you could do something to show love for Jesus, what would it be?  

Mary anointed Jesus’ feet as an act of worship. People worship Jesus in different ways. Think about what we do each Sunday in our classes. Think about what your parents, grandparents do when they are in church while we in class. On a piece of paper, write the letters for worship down the left hand side of your page.


Now think of some words, or groups of words, that have to do with worship, that start with each of the letters in the word worship. Write them beside each of the letters on your page. You have just written an acrostic poem. (An acrostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. Typically, the first letters of each line are used to spell the message, but they can appear anywhere.) 

Decorate the borders or edges of your poem.  

If you would like to, take a picture of your poem and send it to me. I would love to see your poem! If you are OK with me sharing your poems I will email them to the class when I receive them. Let me know.  

Finally, our top doctor in BC, Dr. Bonnie Henry, wants us to stay home, stay healthy, keep our distance from others (except your family, unless someone is sick, of course) and wash your hands. She also says to be kind and be calm. Mary showed kindness to Jesus when she washed his feet. Think of something kind you can do for someone in your family. How can you show kindness to people you don’t know? Some families in my neighbourhood have been cutting out hearts and decorating them and putting them in their windows so they can be seen from the street.  


  • Dear God, your made our whole bodies and we worship you with every part. Thank you for the gift of Jesus. Amen.
  • Dear Jesus, you are worthy of all our worship. We love you. Amen.   Have a great week. Remember to stay healthy, keep your distance and wash your hands lots of times!

  Blessings, Jane