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Welcome to St. Peter’s Virtual Sunday School! This Sunday is Easter Sunday 4! Today is the Fourth Sunday of Easter! While we cannot meet together on Sunday morning, we can still meet virtually to learn about Jesus by reading the Bible, talking about what we’ve read and doing some activities. Get together with your family and do these lessons when it works for you or phone your friend or Grandma who you can’t get together with right now to talk about these lessons. What encounters did you have with God this week? Remember encounters with God could include any or all of the following: comfort from Mom or Dad, like a hug; helping others at home; seeing a sunset; answer to a prayer that “pops” in your head; music being played; walking in the woods, walking around your neighbourhood and seeing/smelling flowers in your neighbours’ gardens; reading the Bible.

Lessons and Activities are attached as PDF documents. Remember, they can also be found under Ministries/Children&Youth/VirtualSundaySchool