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Imagine this...St. Peter's is getting a long overdue refresh! With the assistance of parish volunteers, and the research and diligence of Parish Council we are well on our way with repairs and long overdue maintenance of our beloved Church.

As well as the new paint, it has been discovered that some siding requires replacement and, as we all know, the old furnace will not last another season.

Please find attached the reports for both the siding and furnace projects.  As per the Council meeting last week there will be a congregational meeting and information on the Furnace Replacement Project on July 5, at 10 am on the west lawn. You will be contacted by our 'phone tree' with the details of this meeting.

The report on the siding replacement project is provided for congregational information only as the funds are in place and as with the painting, some new siding is absolutely required at this time.