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Dear friends at St. Peter’s,

Last Saturday was our Day of Planning and Reflection. It was challenging to do this by zoom but we had some fun and found it interesting and, most importantly, we have some direction for the rest of this year.
We divided the life of our parish into five areas, it’s a bit artificial but it made us look at a broader swathe of parish life. We asked ourselves what we were already doing in that area – or had done in the recent past.

We then moved on to what our aspirations were, what did we hope to achieve in the next year. Then we gave each participant a number of votes and asked them to apply those votes where they felt the strongest sense of calling or need. Below is a summary of the areas that got the highest interest. The x represents each vote.
Our next step is to form working groups or committees to work toward these goals. Each committee or group will have clergy and a warden providing support.

If you would like to offer support in any of these areas please leave your name at the parish office and we will be glad to be in touch and invite you to join.

The Rev. Cathie Hall, Interim Priest-in-charge

The results of the meeting are attached below as a PDF Document