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Health and well-being – without one, the other simply isn’t possible. Likewise, the well-being of humans isn’t possible without a healthy planet; something we are discovering every day as we face a growing and global climate crisis.
This theme is at the centre of PWRDF’s 2024 Lent Resource.
Join us February 1st at 1 p.m. EST on Zoom, as we - along with resource-author and renowned biblical scholar, Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat - launch our 2024 Lent Resource!
During the webinar, Dr. Keesmaat will introduce you to the resource, including the daily reflections and weekly bible studies.
The PWRDF 2024 Lent Resource features a daily email, throughout the Lenten season, with a reflection wirtten by Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat, on what health, well-being and good living require of us in our lives and our relationships with one another, with creation and with God.