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 December 27, 2021

 Dear friends,   I hope and pray that each of us has celebrated a safe and joyous Christmas.

We were able to celebrate Christmas together, and I am grateful for those moments.  But our parish council has considered the rising Omicron numbers and the serious risks to some of our more vulnerable people and decided that we will again suspend in person services for the present.  We will return to worship in the church as soon as it is safe to do so.  

We will also be closing the office for this time.  You may leave messages on the answering machine, send email to the church or to me [email protected] or call me at 250-668-3701.  The calls and emails to the church will be monitored.  

We are veterans of this challenge now.  We have experience, we have built up our resilience, we have built and maintained community, and we have the skills and strengths to do this – even though it is happening more often and for longer than we ever thought it would.

This is a time for us to pray and to seek to understand how God is at work in each of us and in our parish.  I do not believe that God has caused COVID or its variants; but I do believe that God is at work to bring hope and healing out of this challenge – as God always is.  Look with eyes of faith at what is happening in your life, in the parish, and in the wider community, and see if you can discern the hand of God at work.

We look forward now to a new year and to the celebration of the Epiphany of our Lord.  Zoom services will resume at 10:00 on Sundays and in the New Year we will plan some discussion and study on zoom as well.   God’s blessings be with us all!


The Rev. Catherine Hall