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 Drawing from the major spiritual traditions, mindfulness practice helps us to be fully present in this moment, by noticing ourselves and our surroundings with purpose and attention.  Some of the benefits of this practice include: decreasing anxiety and worry, developing a gratitude attitude, non-judgemental thinking, acceptance of oneself and others.

The group comprises of a breathing meditation, a specific mindfulness meditation and closes with a spiritually focused reading or poem.  At the end of our time each person does a brief self assessment on how the meditations have helped.  There is no expectation for people to share anything, we just sit and meditate! We are always happy for new people to join us and experience meditation practice for themselves.

When we are on Zoom we turn our video cameras off for the meditation time so no one is worried about how they look on screen.  I hope you will give it a try! For this winter season, we will continue our mindfulness sessions on Zoom only.  Please contact the church at 250-286-1613 if you would like to join the group and receive the Zoom link.