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Mindfulness Practice Group Session

The mindfulness group will continue on zoom every Wednesday at 3.30 pm. during the summer. In addition, we will be having some discussions about various aspects of mindfulness in different locations.  Everyone is welcome.  If you have questions, this is a great opportunity to get some answers!  Below is the schedule. 

Everyone is invited to bring your own chair to enjoy various discussions about mindfulness practice in the coming summer months. You can stay for as long or as little as you wish. Here is a list of gatherings that we have arranged: June 3rd. 2.00p.m
Come to our labyrinth at St. Peters church to find out what it is for and discuss how it may be used. Also, we will be handing out walking meditations for those of you who wish to walk in the trees at any time, either here or in the community.
June 28th. 2.00p.m
Tea in the garden at Sue Vickery’s house. We will discuss some of the attitudes that are developed in mindfulness practice e.g. patience, acceptance etc.
July 26th. 2.00p.m
Walking in the shade trees. We will meet above the labyrinth at St. Peter’s in the trees. Our discussion will focus on how mindfulness practice reduces stress and opens us to new possibilities.
August 23rd. 2.00p.m
Meet at Jane and Rick Monchak’s garden to enjoy their dahlias. Our conversation will focus on how our senses enable us to live in the present moment with peace and equanimity
Early September
Visit to Heather’s on Quadra Island to enjoy the fruits of her farm and discuss how the beauty of the natural world enables us to become more mindful. Details to follow later.

Meeting on a weekly basis, the aim of the group is to create a peaceful atmosphere to foster a deeper awareness of the presence of God in everything we do in our daily lives.  Drawing from the major faith traditions, mindfulness practice is a spiritual discipline, designed to help us live more fully in the present moment, by noticing ourselves and our surroundings with purpose and intention. The group format will include breathing exercises, meditations and a short discussion of specific mindfulness skill.  If you are looking to expanding your spiritual horizons or want to spend time in a peaceful environment, please consider giving this group a try. 

The Zoom link is sent to parishioners who on our secure email list. If you would like to be placed on our secure list, please contact the church at 250-286-1613.