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As the weather has been cooperating - Mindfullness will now be held outdoors. Meet at the labyrinth. No change in time.

 The mindfulness group meets at 3.30 every Wednesday for about 40 minutes and comprises a group of about 16 people, some who attend church and some who don’t. The aim of the group is to practice mindfulness skills, and to cultivate a peaceful space in our lives where we can be silent and still.

People who have attended our group have found it helpful after a bereavement, when feeling low, or just to take a break and relax within themselves. There are lots more reasons to practice mindfulness, these are just examples.   During this last year, the group has been meeting on zoom. This has proved helpful, although we plan on being outside once the weather is warm.

We begin with a breathing meditation, continue with a meditation which demonstrates a particular mindfulness skill, then end with a short reading or poem. People are able to turn their videos off when meditating, and they are muted. This has turned out to be a positive thing as we can all meditate in our comfortable places, yet still be a group after each meditation. We welcome comments and questions at the end of each session. Everyone is welcome to join us. Please come and experience for yourself how this can be beneficial for you.

If you would like to know more about this practice, please don’t hesitate to call me to find out more. My number is 778-346-3660.